City girl groped by Jimmy Savile

A NEWPORT Pagnell teenager was one of the victims of sick Jimmy Savile at the height of his stardom, the Citizen can reveal.

The attack happened in 1975 when Savile visited the town to film a documentary in the Canon pub.

Until last year, when the police enquiry began into Savile’s sordid past, the victim had stayed silent – because she feared nobody would believe her.

She has now told police how the former Top of the Pops presenter pinned her behind beer crates at the Canon and groped her under her clothes.

He also forced her to touch him.

“He was so cunning. It was vulnerable girls who couldn’t speak up... It was all something he could laugh off. But it was no joke to us,” she said.

Savile was visiting the Canon as part of a World In Action documentary called Coming Out in Newport Pagnell.

The pub, in a brave move for that time, supported a local gay rights group and held a ‘Gay Night’ for members every Thursday.

The film followed the story of the group and the problems they faced being accepted in the community.

The young victim was not a member of the group but had gone along to watch the celebrity being filmed.

After breaking her 38-year silence to assist police, she is now furious that officials did

not bring Savile to justice before he died.

“These people who knew what he was up to need to be punished,” she said.

Maybe people didn’t want to face the truth. Now, with so many victims, I hope they are thinking ‘I could have stopped this’. I hope they are hanging their heads in shame.”