City help for boy who must live in bubble

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The godfather of a little boy forced to live in a sterile bubble has appealed to the people to Milton Keynes for support.

Seriously ill Seth Lane became a worldwide celebrity when he made an appeal for people to wear yellow - simply because it is his favourite colour.

First to comply was doting uncle Grant Milthorpe who lives in MK and works for Wolverton Mill-based company ID Medical.

He persuaded the entire ID Medical workforce to not only wear yellow tee shirts, but customise their own designs on them for five-year-old Seth.

Their efforts raised £1,120, which will go to The Bubble Foundation to help other children with immune system problems.

Seth was born without an immune system and is awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

The germ-infested world is his enemy and he has spent half his short life living in a sterile hospital room.

Said Grant: “Seth’s dad Nick is my best friend. We’re both from Milton Keynes and we met as teenagers working together in Pizza Hut.

“I was best man at Nick’s wedding and thrilled when little Seth was born.“

Within months though doctors had diagnosed Seth’s rare condition. A first attempt to cure him with a bone marrow transplant failed and now he is awaiting a second transplant - with dad Nick as donor.

Said Grant: “In the meantime he is stuck in a sterile hospital room getting bored, so Nick and his wife Leanne came up with ideas to keep him amused.

“They made a video of Seth holding up speech boards asking people to wear yellow on March 27 and email them a picture. Nobody dreamed the video would go viral like it did. The response has been incredible.”

MK Dons sent the boy a photo of themselves decked in yellow, while the producers of Seth’s favourite Fireman Sam shows even made a special animation in yellow.

Said Grant: “We didn’t set out to ask for anything other than for people to wear yellow. But now we’re hoping all the publicity will encourage more people to sign up as bone marrow donors or donate to The Bubble Foundation.”

Meanwhile little Seth is loving looking at the thousands of yellow photographs, said Grant.

“He is an adorable, very cute little boy. And he’s worth every bit of effort it takes,” he said.