City hit by cat cruelty crisis

RSPCA rescue cats looking to be re-homed
RSPCA rescue cats looking to be re-homed

A DEAD cat tied to a breeze block and dumped in the canal has summed up a summer of feline cruelty that has left the RSPCA “on its knees”.

City volunteers are in crisis as they struggle to cope with dozens more dumped cats and kittens coming in every week.

The cats, some of them ill or injured, are being found in cardboard boxes on vets’ doorsteps, in bin cupboards, at the side of roads and even abandoned in carrier bags in streets.

“We don’t know what to do,” admitted RSPCA spokesman Vivienne Dalton. “We are trying to take them all in and care for them but we are full to bursting point.”

The saddest case of all came last Thursday when a dead cat was seen floating in the canal at Peartree Bridge.

The black and white moggie had been callously tied to a breeze block with a blue rope.

RSPCA inspector Sue Haywood is appealing for any witnesses to call 0300 123 8018.

Meanwhile volunteers are appealing for people willing to adopt a cat or kitten, or willing to help with fostering, fundraising or feeding times.

A number of cats appear on our website Call 01908 611179 if you can help.