City hotspot for child sex abuse?

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POLICE have refused to reveal the number of child sex offenders in Milton Keynes after a national ‘paedophile map’ showed the city could be a hotspot.

Following a Freedom of Information request from the NSPCC, police forces all over the country were forced to disclose how many offences were committed last year.

Thames Valley, with 1,264 offences, had the highest number in the country outside of the Metropolitan Police area, but a Citizen question to discover how many of these offences were in Milton Keynes went unanswered.

Long standing anti-paedophile campaigner Joyce Hall, who was a member of the White Ribbon Campaign formed to raise awareness of hidden crime in the city, said it is a scandal that Milton Keynes Police won’t reveal how many child sex offenders there are in MK.

Mrs Hall, from Netherfield, said: “I can’t understand why they won’t disclose these figures. Aren’t our children as important as other children in the UK?

“Where social factors are getting worse in certain areas, like Netherfield, that is where child sex offenders prosper. The safety of all our children is the most important thing.

“We don’t need offender’s names. We just need to know whether our children are safe.

“I think that is the least they can do for us. It is a scandal they won’t disclose this information.”

The Citizen has now put in its own FOI request to discover how many child sex offences took place in MK and how many offenders are living in our city.

Five years ago it was proved Milton Keynes had more sex offenders per population than any other area in Thames Valley. At that time there were 130 registered offenders living here.

Of the 1,264 sexual offences reported in Thames Valley, only 10 per cent ended in a conviction. Some 1,088 were committed against girls and 176 against boys.

Det Supt Nora Holford said: “Thames Valley Police takes safeguarding children extremely seriously and therefore when we do receive allegations of offences against young people they are crimed and investigated thoroughly. We work very closely with partner agencies such as local councils, the NSPCC and Barnardo’s.

“While the figures for Thames Valley are higher than some other forces, it is worth remembering we cover a large area that includes three counties and some large populations.”