City MP Iain Stewart: “The government inherited rail system in a mess”


Following this morning’s news that rail fares are set to increase by 3.5 per cent in January 2015, City MP Iain Stewart has said the government is “dealing with an inefficient rail system inherited by the previous Labour government.”

In 2014, the government froze the average commuter fare increase, in real terms, for the first time in a decade.

Mr Stewart said: “Nobody likes to see rail fares go up and it is important to remember the government inherited a rail system that was in a mess.

“As a government we have invested heavily in the railways, with £38 billion being spent on modernisation over the next five years, which will help cut journey times, provide better connections for passengers, stimulate economic growth and support job growth across the country.”

The cost of a season ticket from Milton Keynes Central to London is expected to rise to £4,939 in January, up from the current £4,772. The regulated cost is set by government, based on the RPI (Retail Price Index) plus one per cent.

Mr Stewart added: “For commuters in Milton Keynes, I have pushed for more carriages and more services and both London Midland and Virgin have delivered this.

“I want the experience for commuters to be better from the beginning of their journey, through to the end and I strongly believe this government is delivering on that.”