City MP welcomes new train services and seats

Iain Stewart MP with Claire Perry MP PNL-140912-135636001
Iain Stewart MP with Claire Perry MP PNL-140912-135636001

Iain Stewart MP has welcomed £62million worth of new trains to serve commuters in Milton Keynes.

Mr Stewart joined Transport Ministers at the launch of the improved services at Euston Station where London Midland were also showcasing their new Desiro Trains.

The investment into the new trains is London Midland’s biggest change to its timetable in seven years.

From December 14 they will have new services and 139,000 extra seats on the network each week.

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart commented after the event, “Today’s launch of new services shows the Government and rail providers are committed to delivering better journeys for commuters from MK and all the way up the West Coast Mainline.”

“Over the next 5 years the Government will be investing £38 billion into our railways. This is infrastructure is vital to our long term economic plan.”

Mr Stewart added: “For Milton Keynes rail users, of which I am one, these new services and seats will be very much welcomed and will without a doubt improve the journey experience.

“More still needs to be done and of course I want to keep prices as low as possible but if we continue this investment and the keep to our plan I am confident we can see commuter’s journeys continue to improve.”

But Andrew Pakes, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South, says he cant understand why London Midland have brought new carriages that are not wifi ready to help improve the experience of travelling.

Mr Pakes said: “Whilst it is welcome to see new investment into the railways our local MP seems to forget we are all paying for this already through our taxes. We have some of the highest fares in Europe with the cost of a season ticket for commuters up £1,000 a year since 2010. Unlike MPs, most passengers have to pay their own rail fares.

“I am concerned that we are not getting value for money on rail services or the best technology. For example, why has the government allowed London Midland to buy new rolling stock that is not ready for wifi?

“The government wasted £40 million on the failed franchise for the West Coast Mainline two years and we are still picking up the pieces. We need a wholesale review of franchising to help bring down costs on the railways and to ensure operators are providing value for money.”