City MPs welcome plans to simplify energy bills

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MILTON Keynes’ MPs have welcomed Government plans to lower energy bills.

An announcement was made yesterday (Tuesday) which will see energy companies having to give customers the lowest tariffs for energy bills.

The proposals set out would mean households no longer face hundreds of tariffs, with energy companies limited to four tariffs per fuel; energy companies will have to make bills simpler for customers to understand; and households will be moved onto the cheapest tariff under their supplier that suits them.

With more than £300 difference between the cheapest and the most expensive tariffs on the market, Iain Stewart and Mark Lancaster said David Cameron’s action is likely to make a significant difference to people in Milton Keynes.

Mr Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “It is important that we get this right. People all over Milton Keynes are seeing their energy bills getting bigger and bigger and I hope that these proposals will be a step in the right direction for the consumer to get the best possible deal for them.”

And Mr Stewart, the member for Milton Keynes South, added: “I hope that these proposals will give people the relief they need and the assurance that they are getting the best deal from their energy supplier.

“This issue is especially pertinent during the winter when we all use more energy and are all too aware of the spiralling costs.”