City needs you to go and vote

TODAY residents are being urged to make their vote count with 17 wards up for election.

Polling stations are open until 10pm tonight (Thursday) and in total 81 councillors will contest the seats available.

At the same time you are also encouraged to vote in the Alternative Vote (AV) Referendum to decide if the current system of ‘first past the post’ should be kept or the new ‘most popular’ system should be adopted.

The candidates and current councillors are as follows:

> Bletchley and Fenny Stratford ward: Current councillor – Mick Klein (Con); Candidates – Rita Venn (Lab) Paul Bowler (Green) Susan Burke (Lib Dem) Adrian Pitfield (UKIP).

> Bradwell ward: Current councillor – Rex Exon (Lib Dem); Candidates – Thomas Curragh (Con) Dana Green (UKIP) Ted May (Green) Pauline Wallis (Lab).

> Campbell Park ward: Current councillor – Cec Tallack (Lib Dem); Candidates – Carol Barac (Green) Sarah Murphy (UKIP) James Orr (Con) Paul Williams (Lab).

> Danesborough ward: Current councillor – David Hopkins (Con); Candidates – Stuart Leeming (UKIP) Val Menzies (Lib Dem) Margaret Woodward (Lab).

> Emerson Valley ward: Current councillor – Rosemary Drewett (Lib Dem); Candidates – Edith Bald (Con) Philip Buckley (Green) Philip Pinto (UKIP) Sairam Reddy (Lab).

> Furzton ward: Current councillor – Chris Williams (Lib Dem); Candidates – Beverley Caprice (Green) Maggie Geaney (Con) Stuart Moore (UKIP) David Morgan (Lab).

>Hanslope Park ward: Current councillor – Andrew Geary (Con); Candidates – Richard Curtis (Lib Dem) David Flatman (Lab) Graham John White (UKIP).

> Linford North ward: Current councillor – Alan Richards (Lib Dem); Candidates – Brian Barton (Lab) Helen Mary Gaynor Davies (UKIP) Peter Edwards (Green) Anita Rose (Ind) David Tunney (Con).

> Linford South ward: Current councillor – Alan Mallyon (Lib Dem); Candidates – Ronen Ghose (UKIP) Dave Howlett (Lib Dem) Caroline Lancaster (Green) Robert Middleton (Lab) Catriona Morris (Con).

> Loughton Park ward: Current councillor – Ruth Jury (Con); Candidates – Cathy Kitchiner (UKIP) Michael Lovell (Green) Christopher Thompson (Lib Dem) Peter Todd (Lab).

> Middleton ward: Current councillor – John Bint (Con); Candidates – John Creaser (Green) Mohammed Khan (Lab) Roger Nye (UKIP) Tony Oyakhire (Lib Dem).

> Sherington ward: Current councillor – Sam Potts (Lib Dem); Candidates – Alec Denman (UKIP) Donald McLean (Con) Alan Price (Labour).

> Stantonbury ward: Current councillor – Brian White (Lab); Candidates – Sean Barnes (Lib Dem) Thomas Bulman (Green) Graham Davison (Con) Harvey Rainbow (UKIP).

> Stony Stratford ward: Current councillor – Philip Wharton (Con); Candidates – Steven Beaumont (UKIP) Adrian Dnes (Lib Dem) Arshad Majid (Lab) Michael Sheppard (Green).

> Walton Park ward: Current councillor – Vanessa McPake (Lib Dem); Candidates – Lee Barney (Con) Jayne Lindley (UKIP) Moriah Priestley (Lab).

> Wolverton ward: Current councillor – Janet Irons (Labour); Candidates – Alan Francis (Green) Peter Marland (Lab) Patrick McQuillan (Lib Dem) Shouket Mirza (Con) Vince Peddle (UKIP)

> Woughton ward: Current councillor – Steve Coventry (Labour); Candidates – Darron Kendrick (Lib Dem) Jinmi Macauley (Con) Arthur Morton (UKIP).