City nurse in sex claim case

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A MALE nurse has been accused of conducting an inappropriate relationship with one of his mental health patients.

William Prior is this week the subject of a ‘fitness to practice’ hearing before the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

He allegedly met the woman, referred to simply as Patient A, when he was working as an out-of-hours mental health practitioner for the city’s community health service team.

He is facing 18 charges, ranging from giving the patient a lift home from work in May 2009 to having sexual intercourse with her a few months later.

The hearing has produced text messages allegedly sent to the woman’s phone as evidence.

One reads: ‘Hi stranger am on days now but stuck with boss on induction boo will try to get to see you next week. miss you...’

Another stated: “I could not forget you if I tried just mad busy and still getting used to days will give you a bill (sic) tomorrow’.

Mr Prior, who later became a member of the assessment and short term intervention team, is accused of visiting the patient’s home and having telephone conversations with her on numerous occasions.

This behaviour, it is alleged, was entirely sexually motivated.

It is also claimed the patient got drunk in November 2009 and Mr Prior neither reported this to colleagues nor gave medical advice.

The hearing, due to finish today will decide whether he is fit to practise as a registered nurse. If found guilty, he will face a range of penalties, including being struck off the nursing register.