City’s golden generation on the silver screen

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A MOVIE celebrating the history and heritage of Milton Keynes needs funding to help get it into schools throughout the region.

Lee Scriven’s production ‘Three Curly Wurlys and 106 Roundabouts’ was screened for the first time on Monday – the city’s 45th birthday – at Cineworld on two packed out screens, with some of Milon Keynes’ founders in the audience.

Working together with the City Discovery Centre, Lee, who has lived in Milton Keynes since the early 1970s, felt it was high time that the founders of the city were given the recognition they deserved.

“It was always something that fascinated me,” he said. “The people at the Milton Keynes Development Corporation (MKDC) were so instrumental in making the city what it is today, but nothing had been done to document their work. I felt it was a great place to put interviews with all the key people in one place.”

With some additional funding, Lee hopes that it can become a lasting legacy for MKDC and be shown in schools to give people new to Milton Keynes a sense of identity.

He added: “I’m taking a few months to re-edit it, cut bits, move bits, and I hope to have it ready later in the year.

“With a further £3,000-£5,000 of funding, we can pay for the rights to get it out there for people to see on a regular basis.”

If you’d like to donate to the project, email