‘City’s ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ should not be separated into new parishes’

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A COMMUNITY striving for its own identity has been accused of elitism by the head of its parish.

Residents in Woughton on the Green, Woughton Park and Passmore are battling under current boundary reviews to form their own ‘Small is Beautiful’ parish council.

This would mean breaking away from the massive Woughton parish, which covers estates such as Netherfield, Tinkers Bridge, Coffee Hall and Eaglestone.

This week Woughton community council chairman Kevin Wilson said the split would be extremely divisive and cause “untold damage” to thousands of people.

“Milton Keynes is the only urban area in the country that is fully parished. We should be proud of that.

“But to divide those communities in an artificial way that divides rich from poor is surely against the very spirit of what we are all seeking to do in Milton Keynes.”

Small is Beautiful campaigner Andrew Humphries denied the new parish would be in any way elitist and slammed Mr Wilson’s comments as “hurtful and untrue”.

“Our proposed parish would contain a very good mix of poorer, middle class and affluent properties – a better diversity than currently exists across the larger Woughton Community Council,” he said.

“We will continue to fight and we won’t give up.”