City slimmers meet Brian McFadden

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Two city slimmers were delighted to be congratulated on their combined 14 stone, 8.5lb weight loss by former Westlife singer Brian McFadden.

Anja Baptiste and Helen Whalley both earned places at the finals of Slimming World’s Woman of the Year 2013 competition. And Brian joined the ladies at the company’s head office in Derbyshire on Sunday.

The duo were voted for as part of their respective Slimming World groups.

Anja, who lost 6st 8.5lb, said: “I was very unhappy about my weight so I decided to join Slimming World. I didn’t have to go hungry and I’ve never once felt like I’m missing out on anything. The changes I made to the way I cooked and ate were small ones, like swapping white bread for wholemeal and using low calorie spray instead of oil or butter, but they made a big difference.

“They meant I could still enjoy all my favourites, from simple meals like beans on toast or a tuna sandwich through to dishes like roast dinners and curries, and lose weight. It was great to be able to eat the same as my family and friends instead of having to have a separate ‘diet’ dinner too, so they’ve benefited from eating more healthily without even trying.”

Helen, who lost 8st, believes the support of her Slimming World group has been key to her success:

She said: “If ever my motivation did start to fade, my Consultant and the rest of the group were there to remind me how far I’d come. Each week we talk about coping with different challenges coming up and share recipes, advice and top tips like offers we’ve seen in local supermarkets.

“We laugh a lot and celebrate our success too and I’ve made so many friends that I love going to my group every week. Thanks to them – and my weight loss – I’m slimmer but my smile is so much bigger.”