City superintendent: Child’s death was “avoidable”

Superintendent Gez Chiariello
Superintendent Gez Chiariello

The death of a 12-year-old girl killed crossing the road was “avoidable”, according to the city’s superintendent.

Police Commander Gez Chiariello believes education is the way forward because reducing speed limits will “not make any difference”.

His comments follow the news that the number of people killed on roads in Milton Keynes quadrupled last year.

Neesha-Leigh Dundon died crossing Marlborough Street, V8, near Netherfield, two weeks before Christmas.

“Neesha’s death really horrified me.

“She was right by a bridge, but chose not to use the underpass.

“Her death was really avoidable - there was no need for that to happen.

“There is an issue around parents educating their kids and what message the schools are putting out.”

The driver who hit the Stantonbury School student was a man in his 30s from Milton Keynes. He was not injured in the collision.

Mr Chiariello said: “It’s not just about the families of the victims. What about the person driving the car? They have to live with that for the rest of their life.

“It’s an awful position to be in and really sad that they have to deal with that.

“The very nature of the transport network around Milton Keynes means that in some parts if you want to cross the road, you’re crossing a motorway.

“I don’t think it’s about speed enforcement, there is a lot of that done already - it’s about education.”