Class of cops at new ‘MK police academy’

Thames Valley Police
Thames Valley Police

The first ever ‘school for cops’ is to be launched in Milton Keynes to transform university students into fully-fledged bobbies on the beat.

Boffins at the city’s University Centre are launching a two-year degree course in operational police tactics this September.

Students will be taught by a mixture of university lecturers and serving police officers.

And within days of graduating they will be fit to pound the beat on city streets as ‘patrol student officers’.

Police bosses say they will still continue to recruit officers by traditional methods but welcome the course as an “additional option”.

Thames Valley Police training manager Don Oldcorn said: “It will give university students an opportunity, through operational activity and academic development, to make a positive contribution to policing, while gaining an academic qualification.”

Students will have a chance to complete work experience as volunteer Special Constables during their studies.

And the college will even provide them with a mock custody suite and interview room so they are familiar with police stations.

The course will be run by the University of Northampton, which has a campus at Milton Keynes.

Senior lecturer Robert Lyman said: “Students will undertake practical work-based learning with Thames Valley Police by working as Special Constables on a number of structured tutoring phases, gradually obtaining the independent patrol standards of regular serving officers.”

The newly-graduated rookie cops will be deployed to LPAs – Local Police Areas – within days of joining the force.

Though the course will teach them the basics, their studies will not be over.

For they must still complete the standard national policing qualification, say police.

> Anybody interested in registering for the course should call 0800 358 2232.