Climate change rally: Protesters call on Prime Minister for support

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Campaigners will gather in Campbell Park to persuade the Prime Minister to push climate change higher up the political agenda.

The event, funded by MK Community Foundation and supported by Citizens MK, is organised by Transition MK, a leading local environmental group.

Everyone attending the rally on Saturday will be urged to sign a pledge card, making a commitment to reduce their individual carbon footprint, putting pressure on Milton Keynes’ MP to take the action to David Cameron, and demanding policies which promote investment in renewable energy – a reversal of recent decisions to abolish support for wind, solar and biomass energy.

The completed pledge cards will then be handed over to the office of Mark Lancaster MP and Iain Stewart MP on Monday morning, urging them to take further action.

The protest is being held ahead of the UN Conference on Climate Change due to take place in Paris between November 30 and December 11.

The plan for the rally is to meet at The MK Rose at 1pm and walk to the Beacon of Hope, where pledges (which will be provided) will be collected and everyone will have a chance to meet with other groups. There will be a few short speeches by local dignitaries. The event is scheduled to finish by 2pm.

Downloadable pledge card at

If you would like to provide further support for the event to Transition MK make a bigger impact, e.g by sharing posters and pledge cards, or taking another specific action, please contact the organisers on:

You can follow updates about the event on social media:

Twitter: @TransitionMK or search: #climatechangeMK