Closure threat for family unit

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standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

AN IMPORTANT service could be closed by the NHS in Milton Keynes.

The family planning clinic in Neath Hill is currently being considered for closure.

The NHS said a new combined clinic could be opened to provide services under one roof.

An NHS spokesman said: “There are currently a range of providers across Milton Keynes providing reproductive services, including family planning. There is no consistency of advice or treatment.

“Advice and treatment will be consistent throughout Milton Keynes.

“As part of this proposed change, NHS Milton Keynes is considering stopping the current family planning service that operates in Neath Hill Medical Centre.

“The majority of family planning services are provided within GP practices. Before stopping the services, NHS Milton Keynes would ensure that there are suitable services available for anyone with a specialist family planning need.”

One user of the current service said: “I can’t believe this service could be closed down.

“The young people of the city could be in real trouble as I’m sure many of them won’t go and talk to their own doctor because that would go on record whereas the family planning service records are not passed to GPs.”

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