Clubbers are in Wonderworld

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NIGHTLIFE in Milton Keynes is about to get a much needed shot in the arm with the opening of a new club.

From the ashes of Oceana’s closure in late March, No Saints will launch their Wonderworld concept on the site in August, creating 80 new jobs.

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The venue is set to be split in two – with two nightclub rooms upstairs surrounded by private booths and secret, private rooms, while downstairs could see a more relaxed atmosphere for people to enjoy.

Steven Thomas, chief executive of No Saints, said: “We want to have the best nightclub in the country.

“Wonderworld is the first of its kind. It’s not based on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but from a similar sort of era and setting.

“I was involved in the setting up of Oceana back in 2002, and I’ve always loved Milton Keynes. We deserve not just the best nightlife, but also the best venue to host things in the town. That’s why we’ve got all the private rooms – for people to have presentations and meeting during the day – and a proper stage for live acts.

“It will also intrigue a lot of people. There are places to go in the club where you won’t be part of the nightclub crowd but can enjoy a night with your friends. It can appeal to everyone.”

Landlords Xscape agreed a deal to let No Saints three Luminar sites after a rent dispute with the company’s administrator forced them out with the loss of 85 jobs.

Signage was put up almost immediately after Oceana moved out of the site, promoting the Wonderworld brand and Mr Thomas had hoped to move into the building within 10 days. However, Luminar left the building in ‘no fit shape’ for a quick turnaround.

At the time, Mr Thomas said: “We could have been open in the next few weeks, but the place is in no fit shape for anyone to move into.”

Since Oceana closed, many Citizen readers have commented on the lack of nightlife in Milton Keynes and welcomed the announcement.

On our Facebook page, Samantha Louise Turner said: ‘MK has suffered a lot since Oceana has gone and the likes of Groove etc makes people not bother’.