Clubbers took pictures as man dangled from Pink Punters noose

The Halloween noose at Pink Punters
The Halloween noose at Pink Punters
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A HALLOWEEN hoot by a party-goer dressed as The Joker took a freakishly scary twist which almost ended in death.

On Saturday night, Richard Parry put his head into a mock hangman’s noose to pose for pictures in front of his friends at Pink Punters nightclub.

Halloween noose at Pink Punters

Halloween noose at Pink Punters

His fellow Halloween revellers, including his girlfriend, clicked their cameras, laughed and even poked and prodded the 25-year-old as his masked face slumped forward, looking realistically lifeless.

It was only after three minutes, when sharp-eyed security staff noticed the joke was lasting a little too long, that they realised David was literally dying before their eyes.

Seconds later he was hauled out of the device unconscious and rushed to hospital in a “critical” condition. This week he was discharged, fit and healthy again.

And after extensive police and health and safety investigations into the joke that so nearly backfired, Pink Punters has been cleared of any blame.

Boss Joe McMahon spoke to the Citizen about what happened and allowed us into the club to photograph the spooky noose device.

He said: “CCTV footage shows Richard putting his head through the rope loop on the wooden stage set, which is designed so people’s feet remain on the floor.

“But, in a chance in a billion coincidence, he collapsed just as he did so.

“It is not known whether he fainted through illness or the effects of alcohol.

“Whatever the reason, he lost consciousness.

This caused him to slump down and, because he was no longer able to support his own bodyweight, the noose put pressure on his neck,” said Jo.

“He’s known as a bit of a joker apparently and his face was disguised by the The Joker mask so none of his friends could see he was unconscious. Thousands of our customers have posed for pictures in this device and it’s always been perfectly safe. But on this occasion there was a real freak combination of circumstances.”

Richard’s friends were laughing and taking photographs, even standing beside the noose to pose for the cameras, said Joe.

“It was very fortunate that Pink Punters staff noticed something was wrong. They freed the young man and paramedics were called.”

Police roped off the area and subsequently spent hours examining CCTV footage of the near tragedy. Health and safety officials have also scrutinised the device and declared it safe.

Joe added: “We are just so relieved that the young man survived with no ill effects. It was a horribly shocking thing to happen at a Halloween party.”

Because the accident put a stop to the party spirit, Pink Punters has organised another celebration, Halloween Two, which will be held on Saturday.

The noose will, once again, form part of the attractions.