Clues needed for murder at Bletchley Park

Bletchley Cluedo
Bletchley Cluedo

A new game of Cluedo based on the secrets of Bletchley Park has been produced just in time for Christmas.

Cluedo:Bletchley Park centres on the grisly murder of spy John Blackcross, whose body is found on the banks of the lake.

The murder suspects are all named after real-life people who worked at ther park to help crack enemy codes during World War Two.

They include Gordon Welchman, Bletchley Park’s Architect of Ultra Intelligence, who appears as Gordon Green.

Also under suspicion is Dilly Plum, based on the famous codebreaker Dilly Knox.

The locations for the murder include Block C, the Mansion Ballroom and Hut 11, which is home of the Bombe machine.

And the weapons are all objects on display to the park’s thousands of visitors.

They include the Enigma machine itself, a motorbike and an old typewriter.

“Players must use their detective skills to work out which suspect took the murder weapon in their hand and cut short the spy’s life,” said a spokesman for Bletchley Park.

The spokesman added: “Anyone with an interest in Bletchley Park will love this new take on the much-loved family board game. It will make the perfect Christmas present.”

The game will be on sale in the gift shop and in the online shop from the end of this month at a cost of £29.99.

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