CMK Theatre District to become new hub for charities

A city charity has taken over the lease of a string of unused premises in the Theatre District to offer free space to other charitable organisations.

Tuesday, 13th December 2016, 5:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:32 pm

Centric Community Projects will help other groups operate free of cost and raise their profile in MK,

The first of the new premises, a former gym, will be launched with a thought provoking exhibition on Equality and Diversity in association with MK Equality Council.

Other spaces include the former Cheerleaders bar and a ground floor ex restaurant where Centric are encouraging and looking for more arts related projects to be undertaken.

A Centric spokesperson said: “We see the first floor space of the club as an ideal environment for creative projects such as a niche film set or cinema. The dark walls, low ceiling and casual lounge seating make this potentially a perfect venue to showcase films and artistic projection works.

“We are also interested in offering the space to dance organisations for rehearsals and performances and we have already been in contact with the local dance charity Motus who have previously used this space and who will be working on productions for the [email protected] celebrations in 2017.”

Space will also be offered to community charity projects, such as Women’s’ Empowerment Network who plan to run workshops at weekends.

Centric Community Projects will be occupying the ground floor space of Cheerleaders to enable as many local charities as possible to showcase their aims and objectives.

Operating throughout the UK with numerous charity hubs, Centric has provided space for hundreds of organisations and also offers individual retail, artists’ studios and offices to smaller charities and non-profit organisations for their projects.

An additional aim of Centric is to help new businesses created by the disadvantaged to reduce their overheads and help them to become self-sufficient.

Centric Charity Coordinator Linda Schmidt said: “The empty buildings in the Theatre District have been closed for some time and we are delighted to have this local space at it is the first time as a Milton Keynes based charity we have been able to offer a vibrant city centre location. Working in conjunction with our preferred supplier Vacant Space Management ( VSM) we expect the buildings to be ready by the end of this week when charities can take up the space.

“We hope to have the place buzzing within a couple of weeks.”

On Thursday the Milton Keynes Equality Council will hold its annual general meeting in Centric’s newly-acquired former Fit4Less gym premises in the Theatre District With a theme of ‘The History of Racial and Women’s Equality’, the meeting will start at 6.15pm.