Code-breaking story shared with TV viewers

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Captain Jerry Roberts MBE, senior cryptographer at Bletchley Park during World War Two, featured on BBC Two programme Science Britannia on Wednesday night.

He told presenter Prof Brian Cox the little-known story of how the Park broke Hitler’s most secret cipher machine.

Captain Roberts was one of just nine who were hand-picked to join an elite unit and who broke the complex cipher system Lorenz, used by Hitler and his top generals.

“It was fantastic to welcome Prof Brian Cox and to see Capt Jerry Roberts tell him – and the huge audience he attracts – the lesser-known story of how the Codebreakers cracked the Lorenz cipher system, which they believed to be even more secure than Enigma,” said Katherine Lynch, Bletchley Park media relations manager.

“Since filming in August we’ve been able to create an exciting new exhibition about this story, titled Hitler’s Unbreakable Cipher Machine, which is now open to visitors.”