Column: Art and Doughnuts, Meet Dan Rose

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So as a Milton Keynes born and bred racing driver, Dan Rose, you may not be aware of my activities off the track and in front of the camera. So I’ve teamed up with our friends at MK Citizen to share some of the behind the scenes action, secrets and the occasional piece of gossip.

When I’m not racing or doing race prep I’m often onset of a TV show, film or music video. Yes there are often lots of sexy, scantily clad ladies and I do get to drive some amazing cars; I truly love my work! This may be two of the reasons why the guys at the MK Citizen wanted to hang out?

So recently I was asked by Bold Tendencies to take a car to the top of a multi store car park in Peckham and create some art…..I’m a racing driver not an artist.

Bold Tendencies is a non-profit summertime commissioning project dedicated to showcasing new art by international artists, held on the top four floor of a disused multi-storey car park in Peckham.

An artist had built an amazing piece of artwork on top of the multi storey with the historic London skyline behind and wanted me to perform doughnuts under the art work in front of a crowd of over 5,000 VIP’s on a Friday night. (Some research was required to ensure we weren’t being wound up for obvious reasons)

In 2012 Bold Tendencies had over 60,000 people visit the exhibition, local residents as well as International tourists. Ticket sales have already surpassed 2012 records.

What hadn’t been anticipated was the surface catching fire during the final burn out, the smoke from the small fire drifting under the art work and off towards the breath taking London skyline full of historic monuments we all know so well did look very artistic; so I guess I really am an artist as well as a racing driver now!

Bold Tendencies and Franks Cafe are open until September 30, Wednesday to Sunday, between 11am and 11pm. For more visit