Coma girl talks and sends texts

Olivia Bowers
Olivia Bowers

COMA girl Olivia Bowers has earned herself a new title this week – Miracle Girl.

The 14-year-old, who was knocked down by a car on her way to school last month, is chatting to her family, texting her friends and even updating her status on Facebook.

“It’s a miracle,” said her mum Margaret, who was warned Olivia could die from her horrific brain damage.

“When doctors realised she was going to live, they warned us she could face brain damage so serious that she might not even recognise us when she came out of the coma.

“Her progress has amazed everybody. We are thrilled.”

The first sign of hope came two weeks ago when Olivia regained enough consciousness to squeeze her mum’s hand.

Within days the Stantonbury Campus student was not only talking but demanding to get out of bed at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital.

“Her speech is slurred and still quite slow. Sometimes she struggles to find the right word and gets frustrated. But we’re hoping that, with each day that goes by, she will continue to improve,” said mum-of-six Margaret, who lives on Oakridge Park.

This week Olivia is being transferred to Milton Keynes Hospital, where she will receive intensive physiotherapy for the next six months,

Still in plaster with severe leg and pelvic injuries, she is confined to bed but determined to walk again, said Margaret.

“She even tried to get out of bed herself this week, but ended up in a heap on the floor. That’s so typical of Olivia – she is a such a little fighter.”