Come Dine in the Dark

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The infamous ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience at Calcutta Brasserie is returning soon by popular demand.

On Wednesday, August 1, the restaurant will be submerged into complete darkness with only a path of candles to guide guests to their table, alternating aromas will add to the unique evening experience and, on arrival, each guest will a complimentary glass of champagne before sampling the set menu.

In a twist on the original, guests will be invited to bring their own music along to the restaurant. In the same way that eating in the darkness heightens the sense of taste, it is thought that music invites you to explore a unique environment that will also expand your sensory perceptions.

The restaurant’s chefs have carefully constructed each of the three courses to ensure that each flavour stimulates, tests, and tantalises the taste buds. The mix of fresh spices and complementing ingredients promise to ‘explode’ in a way that takes guests on an exhilarating journey of food appreciation.

Proprietor, Mo Abdul said: “Dining in the Dark is designed to heighten the senses and encourage people to appreciate the taste, flavour and aroma by suppressing the dominant sense of sight. The event has become extremely popular and we hope that the use of music will add another exciting ingredient to the evening.”

To reserve a table for the ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience contact Calcutta Brasserie on 01908 566577, the set menu costs £18.95 per person. Visit for more details and events.