Comedy Cow up steaks for the Fringe

Olaf Falafel
Olaf Falafel

Edinburgh Fringe is the largest feast of the arts in the world.

For three weeks every August Scotland’s capital is overrun by artists and comedy and music – from the brilliant to the brilliantly bonkers.

And in 2014, Milton Keynes will have representation at the bash – in the form of The Comedy Cow.

“As a comedy club that has been trying to develop a reputation to put on shows of the highest quality, the fringe provides us with a platform to showcase exactly what we are about to other industry professionals,” Comedy Cow honcho Steve Powell told us.

“The fringe offers a great networking opportunity, and the opportunity for some of our favourite acts to be spotted by comedy agents and comedy club promoters.”

The brand will be on hand for the amoosement of others for a nine day stint, beginning tomorrow.

The steaks are high, and it can be difficult to be seen amongst the wealth of talent, but The Comedy Cow have the cream of the crop at their disposal, putting them ahead of the herd: Aaron Twitchen – who made his stage debut on a Comedy Cow bash in Stony Stratford – will host.

His icon is a certain Britney Spears and last year his show included a whole quiz based around S Club 7...don’t hold that against him. Honestly, he rocks. In a pop-like fashion.

Jake Lambert will open the show. Another talent plucked from giggle-obscurity, Jake was spied at a comedy night in Leighton Buzzard, playing to a mere three people.

One of the three just happened to be Steve from CC, and the rest is recent history.

Getting his own pitta the action is Olaf Falafel, a man who has the ‘purely fictitious’ title of ‘Sweden’s Eighth Funniest Comedian’.

A few of you will have seen him at the now defunct Watershed venue in Newport Pagnell, and he has been enjoying himself ever since.

How good is he?

Well, he beat the famous Comedy Store gong, and not in the physical sense.

He has stage-shared with other funny folks including Tony Law and Russell Kane and now he is ready to lead out with a bonny performance in the land famous for thistles and The Proclaimers.

The Comedy Cow will be housed at a private function room in the trendy Outhouse venue, a mere hop and a skip from Edinburgh’s Playhouse Theatre, and they’ll be settling in too , as we said, with performances daily to August 9.

Steve said: “We have chosen a venue that reflects our comedy club, and by offering a line-up that we can be proud of, we want to be recognised by others in the industry as a comedy club of the highest standard.”

It’s a heck of a way to go, but if you want to support MKs finest on tour, Edinburgh is a beautiful city, and never moreso that when the Fringe is fired-up.

Go on, treat yourselves.

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