Comment: MK Shoppers to be drawn in by Primark

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SO the old adage is correct, you wait for one and then two come along at once.

OK that may have applied to buses but what I am referring to is the iconic leader of throwaway fashion that is Primark.

Famous for being cheap, mass produced and easily forgettable – three things you wouldn’t associate with a thriving new city like Milton Keynes.

Last week it was announced the clothing giant would move into thecentre:mk, taking up space currently occupied by Secklow Gate bridge and the city market traders.

The market will then move down towards Midsummer Place and the Secklow Gate bridge

will be split – a move that has already caused uproar in some quarters.

Controversial you may say, but not completely unexpected. It is a cute move by thecentre:mk, perhaps forced by the other new Primark that is being built at

the development next to stadium:mk.

I must admit I called it months ago stating that it would be a clever move by thecentre:mk to counteract the current plan.

But inter-development wars aside, the truth is a lot of women, and some men, will be rejoicing at the news. Primarni, as it is affectionately known, will drive thousands of eager shoppers into the city looking for a bargain, or an effective way to spend £100.

Surely that can only be good for Milton Keynes?

I must admit I’m not a fan. Sure it’s a good place to pick up cheap socks or part of a costume you’re only going to wear once and throw away, but other than that I don’t like it.

But thousands do and despite my gripes about it I can maybe see why.

And perhaps now the timing is right for them to move here.

Years ago the store was suggested to move into Queensway in Bletchley, a move that many criticised for a number of reasons.

I guess one of two things would have happpened.

Either it would have kickstarted a revival in fortunes of the Bletchley High Street or it

would have been a massive failure, with not even Primark able to pull Queensway out of its slumber.

For now we will never know but with all of these shopping developments arriving, including a potential new one at The Point, could the city soon become a shopping utopia?

Who knows?

Regardless of my thoughts on the store itself, I think Milton Keynes could soon become an even bigger shopping superpower, surprisingly led by Primark.

If that is the case then the city could grow faster than we ever expected.