Comment: The doctor will see you now

MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart
MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart

They really are little monkeys. Having introduced the term ‘redacting’ into the popular vocabulary, been caught snouting in the trough of public money, and telling blatant porkies on national TV, you’d have thought common sense would have been instilled into our political specimens.

But it seems a few are still at it. However, no doubt the lure of easy financial pickings, plus the possibility of ‘positions of power’ for no formal training or qualifications, has always been attractive to a minority for whom a conscience is not obligatory.

And so it’s refreshing that our two stalwart local MPs appear unblemished by such taints, and as a further accolade are solidly supporting the Citizen’s campaign for a new A&E Department at Milton Keynes Hospital.

And thereby lies a contrast, for with one family member having recently been in MK Hospital Ward 21, I’m in awe of the selfless dedication of the rank and file staff who, although obviously under pressure, have always been professional, attentive and courteous. Motivated by caring and not – and certainly not on NHS wages – by greed or gain.

And it beggars belief that they sometimes have to cope with verbal or even physical abuse, paradoxically by the ‘it’s me ‘uman rights’ brigade that seems to have lately been spawned by the Welfare State.

But what of medical provision in days gone by. Well, except for the rich there wasn’t much. However, residents in Stony Stratford could be looked after by subscribing to the Provident Dispensary, established in 1866 next to the Cottage Hospital on the Green.

In fact by the end of the century the average number of patients totalled some 3,000, with 25 in-patients, under the auspices of the eminently qualified and well respected William Bull and Thomas Maguire.

Then in 1908 came the founding of the Stony Stratford and District Sick Nursing Association, due not least to the Reverend Last.

But back to today, and if there’s any further nonsense from the political menagerie perhaps a suitable penance would be to incarcerate the guilty parties in the local A&E.

To serve a few shifts to see how, without lies and ‘spin’, real professionals cope with real pressures and for selfless reasons. And there perhaps seek redemption, before a final Judgement much worse than the electorates in that great House of Commons in the sky.