Comment: The dreaded C-word edges closer

Snow in MK 2 Feb 09''wk 6 m9
Snow in MK 2 Feb 09''wk 6 m9

Sitting in the office over the last few weeks I have heard more and more use of the dreaded C word.

No I don’t mean we have succumbed to stress and have been turning the air blue, but Christmas. Yes folks, with just under a third of the year left (110 days by my maths) people are already trying to hawk Christmas parties, gifts and toys.

Before I get into this let me say I love Christmas. It is a great time of the year when I can spend time with my family and friends and have some fun.

However, it seems to be mentioned and hyped earlier and earlier each year, and without a proper summer this year it feels like we will drift aimlessly into winter.

I know why companies want to push Christmas on us so soon. They want people to buy their merchandise or book their party with their venue but all it comes down to is one-upmanship.

People trying to get ahead by cheekily putting their advert out a week or so earlier to edge the competition which in turn forces everyone else’s hands and then it snowballs, excuse the pun.

I’ve worked in retail. I remember having to unpack the Christmas bits at the end of September, slowly drip-feeding the public Christmas cheer until they are bursting at the seams.

Watching people looking at you with contempt as their eyes meet yours from under their sun hat as their child’s ice cream drips onto the floor.

Slightly melodramatic but that’s how it feels. The public each year is suffocated in a sea of ribbons and wrapping paper.

As many will know I don’t start thinking about Christmas until December 1.

My mum’s birthday and my own have both passed and I can fully focus on gift buying and wrapping and working out when I will see various people.

I am still a big kid at heart and I’ll try and spread as much Christmas cheer as possible, but only when the time is right for it.

As soon as December 1 hits I am uncontrollable.

Christmas music, hats and cheer are high on the agenda and I’m already excited to see the looks on family faces as they unwrap their gifts.

I still go up to thecentre:mk every year just for a look around the Christmas display in Middleton Hall.

I’m a sucker for tradition and seeing as I’ve been doing just that for the last 20 odd years I see no reason to stop now – but I won’t go and look at it until December.

Christmas comes but once a year...I just wish I didn’t have to hear about it for three or four months before it comes around.

When the time comes I will be the first to bust out the decorations. For now, pass the suntan lotion.