Comment: Why Kate Middleton needs to be more careful

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If you are in the public eye you are destined to have your face seen by millions around the world with just the flash of a camera bulb.

However, where does the line in the sand have to be drawn before it is crossed?

Kate Middleton will have to get used to having her picture taken on a daily basis and where I feel bad for her that her topless pictures were bandied about by what can only be described as perverts I think she’s been a bit naive.

If you’re in a position like hers, elevated above just someone in the public eye, then I think you have to be more careful and think about what you’re doing before you bend over and allow the future King of England to rub suncream into your backside?

Too crass? Just realistic. Even in an area you think is secluded someone will always try and get a secret picture of you that they can then sell for millions across the world.

If a magazine claims to have topless pictures of Kate Middleton then perversion or morbid curiosity will take hold and you will want to buy it.

The fact is that everywhere you go now from work, to school, to just walking down the street there will always be a camera on you.

OK maybe it won’t be the lens of the paparazzi but security cameras are monitoring our every move.

You can be tracked at any given moment through your phone or computer and if you’re famous enough then some sad little man will want to know about it.

It would be naive of Wills and Kate to think anything different. I can understand their frustration but before you take your clothes off have a think about it.

If I can think enough to close my curtains before I take my clothes off then surely Kate could have thought before she whipped hers off.

It may not be the same but I am connected to this paper so I always try and carry myself in as professional a manner as possible, even when I’m not in the office.

I would hate for someone to see me doing something embarrassing , get a picture and distribute it across the internet for all to see.

I’m not saying I’m whiter than white and there may be a few embarrassing drunk snaps of me floating around but nothing incriminating.

Nothing that people would care about anyway. But then again I’m not married to the heir to the throne.

My question would be are the Royals really worried about an invasion of privacy or are they embarrassed about the damaged reputation that this has caused? Maybe it’s both.

Thinking takes just one second. Maybe if they had done that there would be no issue.