Commission gets tough on MK charities

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A total of 40 charities in the city are still overdue with annual information that is required by the Charity Commission, including details of how money was spent over the last financial year.

Failure to submit annual documents to the Commission is a criminal offence.

The Commission says it also amounts to mismanagement and/or misconduct in the administration of a charity, and is often associated with wider mismanagement and poor governance, including the misapplication or abuse of charitable funds.

The Commission is currently investigating charities with a last known income over £500,000 that are in default of their statutory obligations to meet reporting requirements by failing to file their annual documents for two or more years in the last five years.

And the Commission says it will move on to investigate any other outstanding double defaulters.

Charities have 10 months from the end of their financial year to submit this information and are regularly reminded by the Commission about this legal responsibility.

Sam Younger, CEO of the Charity Commission, said; “Not submitting annual documents is a criminal offence and we know that it also damages public trust in charities when generous donations aren’t accounted for.

“The Commission sends numerous reminders and regulatory advice warnings to charities in default.

“We will not tolerate charities that demonstrate contempt for the public they are accountable to by failing to meet reporting requirements and I am urging all overdue charities in Milton Keynes to file now.”