Community rallies in dramatic rescue

Car crash V7
Car crash V7

A woman was pulled to safety in an incredible community rescue after her car careered off the road, somersaulted through a bank of trees, and landed upside down just metres from homes.

Trevor Long was watching TV when he heard a loud crash outside his house in Hutton Avenue, Oldbrook, at around 11pm on Tuesday evening.

He checked his garden and outside the front door but could see nothing. But when he returned to his back garden he could hear a faint voice from behind his fence saying “I’ve had a car crash.”

Mr Long said: “If I hadn’t heard her then there’s no way I would have known she was there. It was pitch black, and she only had one indicator light flashing.

“She had come off the V7, so I shouted for my wife to call 999, and I asked my friend to come out with me.”

When he realised what had happened he alerted Richard Tarplee, a former firefighter who was visiting his home.

And when they saw the extent of the damage Mr Tarplee started the rescue while Mr Long went to get torches and blankets, as well as organise other neighbours who had arrived to help.

Mr Tarplee said: “In my years in the fire service I’ve never known an accident that bad with such a good outcome.

“It was one of the worst crashes I have ever seen.

“She had one arm and a leg hanging out a window and the rest of her was caught in her seat belt. There was glass everywhere, and there’s still pieces of the car all over the scene.

“If the car had been just 10 feet the other way it would have landed in Trevor’s living room, and it could have been so much worse when she skidded through all the trees as they had only been cut down by the council earlier that day.”

He added: “There was a real community spirit, with people coming out to keep the woman warm and conscious.

“I don’t know how she was still awake, I can only assume it was adrenaline kicking in.”

Mr Long said: “I’ve done basic first aid, but I have never seen anything like that before.

“I don’t think many of us would know what to do in a situation like that, but Richard was like a general, getting us all busy and making sure that when she was out of the car she was kept awake.”

Ambulance bosses confirmed that the crash victim was taken to Milton Keynes Hospital with minor injuries.

A video will appear online shortly.