Commuter’s anger over rise in car parking permit fees

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Parking Meters in CMK'''Wk3 MPMC PNL-140429-104525001

A commuter from Milton Keynes to London who pays £74 a month for a parking permit only to find he can’t always get a space is outraged by the increase in fees.

Ian Whiting, who lives in a village just outside Milton Keynes, works for a bank in Canary Wharf.

He parks in the commuter spaces near Network Rail and usually takes an early train to make sure he can get a parking space.

But he said if he arrived later in the morning, he had to pay an extra £5 to park in a different car park where his commuter permit was not valid.

He said: “If I don’t get there before 7.30am I don’t get a space. Then I have to pay another £4 or £5 to park. I wonder how many people realise they are being done over by parking?”

He added when he went to renew his permit, he was told the cost was going up to £94 per month – a rise of 27 per cent.

“If I knew I would have a space it wouldn’t be so bad,” he said.

“I can’t understand how they can justify that much of an increase. Ten per cent I would understand, but not 27 per cent.”

Buckingham music teacher, Paul Harris, who is also a regular traveller from Milton Keynes to London told the Citizen he had also recently struggled to park near the railway station.

He said earlier this month he travelled to the station for 10.15am to catch the 11am train, but ended up driving around for over an hour, unable to find a parking space, making him late for his meeting as a result.

On May 18, several changes to car parking in the city centre came into effect with charges increasing from 40p an hour to 50p in hour in the purple bays while the premium (red) bays went up from £1.40 an hour to £2 an hour.

Around 230 underused premium bays have also been converted into purple bays and parking charges now apply on bank holidays.

In a recent statement from MK Council outlining the changes to town centre parking, Matt Clifton, councillor for parking said: “The issue with parking in CMK is simply one of supply and demand. In the long term, more and more parking spaces are not the answer and we encourage people to choose sustainable transport to travel into the city centre and utilise our public transport and redways more.”