Commuters to see improved service after HS2 report

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Commuters in Milton Keynes could soon see a reduction in the number of overcrowded trains after the release of the Higgins report.

HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins has said overcrowding at Milton Keynes Central train station will be solved by the proposed high speed network as the amount of trains travelling from MK to London could almost double with the building of HS2.

It also said that the work could be finished earlier, meaning trains will run from London to Crewe by 2026 rather than just reaching Birmingham by 2027.

Andrew Pakes, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Milton Keynes South, said: “This is another welcome boost to the fledging High Speed 2 network. A new high speed line will increase capacity for Milton Keynes on the already crowded West Coast Mainline and help boost growth across the country. It is essential that we reboot our rail network for the 21st Century with a new north-south line at the core of plans.

“The Higgins report also calls for the extensive redevelopment of Euston station to put it on a par with Kings Cross St Pancras in terms of services and connections. Speeding up the start date for the works will give an extra boost to the jobs needed to construct the new line, something that is picked up by the MK bid to host the government’s new high-skilled engineering college in the city.

“But we need to bear down on the costs associated with the new line; contingency funds alone have ballooned by £14 billion in the last two years. Ministers need to get a grip on the finances of HS2 and ensure that it delivers extra capacity and value for money.”

Sir David was quoted in Railnews yesterday.

He said: “At stations such as Milton Keynes and Northampton, it is increasingly likely that commuters at some stage will have to queue before they get on a train, with the resulting impact on end-to-end journey times and work/life balance. There is no sign of the rise in demand weakening, not least because the alternative is to join an already congested road network.”