Company fined for illegal flyposting

Flyposting in Milton Keynes.
Flyposting in Milton Keynes.

A Milton Keynes company and its director have been ordered to pay more than £6,700 in fines and costs for illegally putting up signs and posters around the borough.

Intercapital Associates Ltd of Sovereign Court, Central Milton Keynes and its director, Anthony Jones, 49, of Florentine Street, Tamworth were found guilty of seven offences of illegal advertising when they appeared at Milton Keynes Magistrates last Thursday.

In January 2014, Mr Jones was contacted by enforcement officers from the council’s environmental crime unit advising him that signs he had displayed around Milton Keynes, advertising a ‘Bed & Mattress Sale’, were illegal and must be removed.

But on June 28, 2014, council officers saw four ‘Bed & Mattress Sale’ signs displayed on Brickhill Street, Blakelands, contrary to advice previously given to the company and its director.

On July 10, 2014, a further three more signs advertising a ‘Bed and Mattress Sale’ were seen around Newton Leys.

An investigation concluded the signs related to an event put on by Intercapital Associates Ltd and they were summonsed to appear before Milton Keynes Magistrates along with Mr Jones.

Magistrates found them both guilty of seven offences. Intercapital Associates were fined £2,100 and ordered to pay £500 towards the council’s legal costs. Mr Jones was fined £2,800 and ordered to pay £1261.86 towards the council’s legal costs.

Environmental crime unit team leader, Pete Roberts, said: “Fly posting and other illegal adverts are a blight on our environment and bright signs displayed along the road can be a distraction to motorists.

“We want small and medium sized businesses to thrive in Milton Keynes, but it has to be a level playing field and we cannot allow a few to gain a competitive advantage by advertising illegally.”

Unlawful advertising is an offence under S.224 Town and Country Planning Act 1990.