Complaint about police chief in '˜t**t-gate' row

A taxi driver has lodged a formal complaint after city police chief Gez Chiariello called him a 'cocky tw*t' during an off-duty driving dispute.

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 12:15 pm
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 6:17 pm
Gaz Chiariello and Jasvir Puni

Jasvir Puni has lost his job and livelihood as a result of the row, which Superintendent Chiariello reported to the council’s taxi regulatory committee.

The police chief attended the hearing in person and denied allegations that he was aggressive.

But he confirmed to councillors that he called 37-year-old Mr Puni a cocky tw*t.

The council report reads: “He [Mr Chiariello] said he was reacting to the situation and language being used and as such did not consider this to be inappropriate for the incident.”

The police chief, who is a marital arts expert, said he had to adopt a “commanding position” because his training stresses the importance of controlling a situation.

Mr Puni produced a witness to claim Mr Chiariello was aggressive, standing nose to nose, pushing his warrant card into his face mand calling him “big boy”.

Mr Chiariello, who called for five police officers to help him, told councillors he was “only matching the aggression of Mr Puni so as not to lose control of the situation.”

The committee revoked Mr Puni’s taxi licence. He is now lodging an appeal through the courts meanwhile he has lodged a formal police complaint about Mr Chiariello.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman, said: “A complaint was received. Thames Valley Police Professional Standards Department is currently investigating the complaint, therefore it would be inappropriate to comment at this stage.”

The dispute happened when Mr Puni allegedly pulled out at low speed in front of Mr Chiariello’s personal car at a junction near the MK Arena ice rink on a Saturday evening.

The police chief wound down his window and there was a verbal exchange.

Mr Chiariello said he was as a police officer and asked the cab driver to pull over.

When he refused he followed him and stopped alongside him at another junction where, following another conversation, it is claimed Mr Puni said: “I don’t f***ing care who you are, you need to learn how to drive.”

The pair eventually pulled up outside Jury’s Inn, where the police chief called for support of five police officers ‘on the hurry up’.

The officers arrived within two to three minutes, said the report.

The police chief claims Mr Puni was aggressive but Mr Puni claims he was scared for his own safety.

Mr Chiariello told the council he thought Mr Puni committed a “minor offence” of driving without due care and attention and a ”low level” public order offence.

No charges have been brought against him.