Complaints flood in over crazy idea for 300 hew homes site

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Plans to build 300 houses on the flood plain next to Caldecotte Lake have been slammed as crazy by protesters.

The Walton Development Brief was published this week by Milton Keynes Council, a month after the lake flooded on to nearby paths and parkland.

It proposes a mix of medium density housing on a 23- acre site, part of which is just 100 metres from the balancing lake.

The brief states: “The development site lies within the flood extent for Caldecotte Lake as identified on the EA’s Reservoir Flood Maps.”

It adds: ‘The site primarily lies within flood zone 1. However, the south-west corner of the site is within flood zone 3a, with a small part in flood zone 2 .

“It includes a large extent of land that would be subject to shallow flooding rather than hazardous deep flooding.”

But a flood risk report found there is only a “residual risk” of it becoming waterlogged due to the “robust nature of the maintenance and emergency plans for reservoirs”, say council officers.

They state: ‘Although the probability of occurrence is extremely low, the high impact that would be associated with a potential breach means that the development proposals should, wherever possible include mitigation measures to reduce the risk posed to the occupants of the site.”

One protester told the Citizen: “A few weeks ago this area was severely flooded. It’s going to be impossible for the new homeowners to get home insurance.”

Another said: “After all the national news reports recently about flooded homes and the hell that homeowners went through, why on earth would anyone plan a large housing development next to a lake that floods? It seems crazy to me.”

The brief will now go out to consultation.

If approved, developers will be recruited by the Milton Keynes Development Partnership, the limited liability partnership set up by the council to handle the £32 million worth of land and assets transferred by the Home and Communities Agency last year.

Housing would be a mix of two and three storey homes, mostly semi detached.

The part of the site deemed to be a higher flood zone would be a play area, states the brief.

There would be a rainwater harvesting system, permeable pavements, filter strips and swales.

The brief concludes: ‘MKDP has high aspirations for this site, aiming to achieve an attractive, sustainable and well-integrated scheme.’