Concrete cows given skeletal ‘makeover’

The concrete cows have been painted as skeletons
The concrete cows have been painted as skeletons

VANDALS have painted skeleton designs on Milton Keynes’ famous concrete cows.

The Bancroft bovines are believed to have been given the new look sometime during Tuesday night.

The creepy ‘costumes’ come just in time for Halloween.

It is not the first time the cows have been victim to vandals. They have previously been painted pink, dressed in pyjamas and even beheaded.

The Bancroft cows are replicas of the original concrete cows, created in 1978 by Canadian-born artist, Liz Leyh, which are now homed in Midsummer Place.

The cow’s skeletal look comes after the Peartree Bridge dinosaur, built by artist Bill Billings in 1979, was repainted in a similar way in August.

It is not believed the two incidents were perpetrated by the same artist.