Concrete Cows hope to moo-ve on up on national list of attractions

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THE city’s iconic Concrete Cows are among a list of sites vying for the title of Great British Attraction.

Leader of the council, councillor Andrew Geary, has offered his support by participating in the vote personally.

He said: “I think the fact that the Concrete Cows have been included in the vote is excellent for Milton Keynes. They are synonymous with the city and people from all over the country associate us with them. Any publicity the city receives is good publicity.

“As we know Milton Keynes is about far more than just the Concrete Cows and we have some wonderful green spaces but if the cows are what people can relate to Milton Keynes with then there is nothing wrong with that.

“They certainly have my backing and I will certainly be voting for them as one of the Great British attractions.

The cows were built in 1978 by Canadian-born artist Liz Leyh and have gone on to be a feature for visitors from across the country.

The poll, to find out what people feel is the best attraction, invention or person has been divided into a number of categories including Made in, Grown in and Destination in Great Britain.

The Concrete Cows will face stiff competition from landmarks including Big Ben, the London Eye and Stonehenge.

To register your vote for the iconic cows visit the Great Exhibition website.