Concrete Cows Inauguration Day celebrated at MK Rose

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The first 26 pillars of the MK Rose have been announced, with Toddle Waddle Day and Engine Day among those chosen.

The formal designation of Milton Keynes as a New Town and Concrete Cow Inauguration Day are two more dates to be celebrated in the 108 pillar centrepiece.

The Campbell Park based sculpture will hold an official ground-breaking ceremony on April 9 at 8am and city residents are welcome to join in the celebration.

There are pillars for St George’s Day, St David’s Day and St Patrick’s Day but as of yet not for St Andrew’s Day.

An International Day of Remembrance for road traffic accident victims, Disability Awareness Day, St Valentine’s Day and World Aids Day are also among those that have been chosen.

Debbie Brock, chairman of the Cenotaph Trust, which is delivering MK Rose in partnership with The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council Cultural Services, said: “The ground-breaking ceremony means that MK Rose is finally a reality and we are thrilled to have reached this important stage.

“There is still time for people to say what they would like to see on the pillars and we look forward to receiving suggestions at”

The construction of MK Rose will continue throughout the summer and is scheduled to finish at the end of October. It will formally open with a public ceremony on November 11.

The full list is as follows:

Open University awards its first degrees

Formal designation of Milton Keynes as a New Town

Holocaust Memorial Day

World Maths Day

St Patrick’s Day

St George’s Day

May Day

Summer Solstice

International Joke Day

Golden Saturday – 2012 Olympics

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day

Inauguration of the first Peace Pagoda in the Western Hemisphere/International Day of Peace


International Day of Remembrance for road traffic accident victims

World Aids Day

St Valentine’s Day

St David’s Day

Concrete Cow Inauguration Day

Disability Awareness Day

John Newton Day

Toddle Waddle Day

Older Person’s Day

World Poetry Day

Engine Day

Armistice Day

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