Concrete cows return to original design

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The concrete cows have been restored to their original well-fed form.

Since October the cows have taken on a skeletal look after being repaired by the son of community artist Bill Billings. But after Halloween had passed the Parks Trust said work would be carried out to restore to them to their original design.

Briony Serginson, head of community engagement at The Parks Trust, said: “We’ve been waiting for the weather to improve and now that it has we will be restoring the concrete cows to their original design this week.”

The cows recently gained a temporary new neighbour when Tash Darling and a group of children from Stony Stratford Community Church made tiny calf and placed it there on Thursday evening in their usual group time.

Tash said: “The young people did it because we thought it was a bit funny and very cool to make a little cow, because everyone is so sick of the Halloween cows and want them back to normal.

“And two they genuinely wanted to show the people of MK , all of them, that they care about them. We thought making a Holy ‘concrete’ cow was a fun way to do it. We gave people in our church the chance to write down prayers they had for people, services and problems in our city- we just didn’t tell them what we were going to do with them.”

The cow was made by covering Tash’s children’s rocking horse with cling film and Vaseline before covering it with layers of papier mache. It was then painted with the prayers written on in biro.

Many people have shared their views on our Facebook page on this subject.

Craig Swifty said: “I’d like to see them commissioned to local artists to showcase their talent! The skeletal cows are brilliant and it was nice to have a change of scenery from the same cows you’d see every day otherwise.”

Danny Cutts said: “I think you will be throwing good money after bad by painting them back to what they were. Great idea to let local artists express themselves.”

The cows have now been restored to their original design.