Cons are running the big house now

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ANDREW Geary looks set to become the new leader of Milton Keynes Council following a triumphant day at the polls for his Conservative group.

Forty percent of registered voters turned out in Thursday’s election which saw four seats change hands, all leaving the Lib Dems for the Tory party.

Among those who lost their seats were cabinet members Rosemary Drewett, Vanessa McPake and Sam Potts. Current leader Cec Tallack held on to his Campbell Park ward by just two votes.

Speaking at 6.30am, as the last votes were tallied, Andrew said: “It’s been a good night for us. It’s been 10 months of hard work and effort.

“We have picked ourselves up and knuckled down from 12 months ago when we got a bit of a beating but the other parties this year have given us a good run for our money and they must also be commended for the hard work they have put in.”

One councillor who had extra reason to celebrate was newly-elected Walton Park ward councillor Lee Barney, who last year missed out on standing for election after he had his nomination seconded by two people and in accordance with the rules he was barred from standing.

Lee said: “Last year was disappointing but we came back this year, we put in a lot of hard work and it has paid off. I can’t wait to get involved now, I am chomping at the bit.

“Even on election day we were getting on with casework trying to help the people we serve and I think that kind of attention has served us well and helped us over the line.”

Councillor John Bint, who held his Middleton ward seat also praised the Conservative group for their efforts over the last year and said that when it came to it they were simply the better option for the city.

He said: “It is partly down to the individuals in each of their respective wards but we are a team and we have proven that we are a better option for the people of the city compared to the Lib Dems.

“It’s not sufficient to just look at potholes and pavements, we have looked at where we can improve the city in the future and how we can take it forward.”