Conservative leader praises ‘well-deserved’ investment in Bletchley Railway Station

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The new leader of the Conservative council group has praised the work of councillors to ensure investment into Bletchley and across Milton Keynes.

Councillor Edith Bald said: “When we were running the council one of the key areas we worked on was inward investment. Over the three years we ran the council, we oversaw some real success stories.

“The investment we saw announced by SEMPLEP and the Government was down to hard work from former cabinet members who fought hard, engaged with residents and made sure Milton Keynes got the best deal.

“The £1.5 million in Bletchley will provide a big boost to the town as will the continued development on the A421.”

The announcement on funding was made earlier this week and Milton Keynes is expected to receive around £79.3million.

Councillor for Bletchley Park, Ann Clancy, also welcomed the move, “I am so pleased to see this investment in Bletchley Station. How we develop the station over the next few years is going to be key to the future of Bletchley.

“With East West Rail on its way, along with this investment, the council needs to make sure it is spending the money in the best possible way.

“Integration with Queensway is what we really need to look at. This is a good step forward.”

Danesborough & Walton ward councillor David Hopkins said: “The dualling of the A421 through to M1 J13 is to be welcomed and is a prerequisite locally in support of the construction of more than 3000 new homes in Wavendon and will help address issues of rat running traffic through the village roads in Wavendon and Salford in particular.”