Conservatives win both Milton Keynes seats - and increase their majority

Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart have been re-elected to represent Milton Keynes in the House of Commons.

Mr Lancaster took 27,244 votes in the north, while Mr Stewart achieved 27,601 in the south in what was an impressive win for both MPs.

Mr Stewart increased his majority from 41.6 per cent in the 2010 election to 46.8 per cent this morning.

While his colleague Mr Lancaster now has a majority of 47.2 per cent in comparison to 43.5 per cent in 2010.

Speaking after the result he said: “I am delighted. To serve as a member of parliament for Milton Keynes North is an enormous honour, it’s a fantastic job, one of the best jobs in the world I think.

“It’s always a nervous time, you do wonder sometimes if it’s going to go your way and it’s not until you get the final result that you’re sure.

“It has been really good result after a lot of work over a long period of time.

“It’s great to have two Conservative MPs in Milton Keynes.”

While over the in south, Mr Stewart said he was humbled and surprised by the result.

He said: “It has been a long, long day. I’m exhilarated but also humbled. I hoped I’d win by I never in my wildest dreams imagined that my vote would go up the way it has.

“I think our message on keeping on the economic path we’re on resonated with people. People are concerned with the Scottish Nationalists in an unstable government too. That moved a lot of people into our column in the last few days.”