Consultation over ‘high quality urban waterside’ neighbourhood begins

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A six-week public consultation on the Campbell Park and Newlands Draft Development Brief has begun and will end on February 24.

The brief sets out planning and design guidance for three key development sites in the Campbell Park and Newlands areas, situated close to the Grand Union Canal and Willen Lake.

The final Development Brief will contain guidance on any future designs for these areas for any potential developer appointed by the landowner, Milton Keynes Development Partnership,

It is envisaged that any future development of these three areas will consist of a “high quality urban waterside” neighbourhood and will be one of the first phases of a much larger community linking in with the rest of Campbell Park.

The development will aim to include new high quality adaptable, energy efficient homes consisting of both private and social housing and well planned, accessible green open spaces and leisure facilities.

The Campbell Park area is considered to be a gateway to Milton Keynes therefore any development must be in line with the aims and aspirations of MKDP, Milton Keynes Council and local residents, which is why views and comments on the draft Development Brief are being welcomed between now and Monday, February 24.

Councillor David Hopkins, the Cabinet member for Urban Design, said: “This welcome Draft Development Brief is designed to set out clear planning and design guidance for three key development areas in the Campbell Park and Newlands areas.

“The guidance will assist selected developers to determine future planning applications for this important area of Milton Keynes that reflect best practice as well as the aspirations of the landowner, Milton Keynes Development Partnership and other stakeholders.”

Any comments received during the consultation will be reviewed and where necessary amendments may be made to the draft development brief before being submitted to the Cabinet for approval.