Cool down with a curry in summer heatwave

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A city restaurant has found the cure to cool down in the hetwave –not an ice-cream, but a curry.

The dish, Goan Spiced Grilled Mackerel Fillets with Apple and Fennel Salad, is served with a cooling yoghurt at the Calcutta Brasserie, Stony Stratford. Award-winning head chef Salam Abdul created the unique dish. He said: “Foods with chilli stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, enhancing circulation, causing the body to sweat and cool down faster. Our curry cooler does just this.”

Studies show the effect of cooling down with a cold drink or ice cream on a hot summer’s day isn’t lasting as the body’s internal temperature cools down too rapidly which raises the body’s temperature again.

The restaurant will be serving the ’Curry Cooler’ menu throughout the summer for £10.95 which includes cool rice and a peshwari naan.

Diners are asked to give 24 hours’ notice before trying it.