Corgi weighing 23 kilos taken into care

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A TWO-YEAR-OLD Corgi, which weighed 23 kilos, or just under four stone, has been taken into care by the RSPCA.

However, the dog’s 79-year-old owner, Audrey Monckton-Garfitt, has been left shattered by her loss.

She said: “I got a knock on the door from the RSPCA and a police officer and they said they had come for the dog and came and took him away.

“I asked if I could have him back and they said no, he was overweight and they were taking him. I never signed him over and now I can’t have him back.”

An RSPCA spokesman said: “The RSPCA, acting on vet advice, removed a two-year-old Corgi dog from a premises in Milton Keynes.

“The dog weighed 23 kilos, and vets have advised that the dog’s weight should be around 10-12 kilos.”

The spokesman added: “At this stage the RSPCA is trying to work with the owner, but as this is an on-going investigation we cannot comment further at this stage.”