Could a miracle save sick five-year-old Harvey?

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A five-year-old boy described as a “ticking time bomb” could die at any time due to an inoperable brain tumour.

Little Harvey Hawkins cannot be cured until his brain swells enough for surgeons to reach and remove the lump.

In the meantime his mum Anita is praying for a miracle to keep her son alive – in the form of a visit to Lourdes.

She is working round the clock to organise fundraising events to generate the necessary £1,600 to pay for the trip.

“It’s a race against time. Each night when I tuck Harvey up in bed I don’t know whether he’ll wake up again in the morning.

“It is just terrifying and we are treading on eggshells the whole time,” she said.

Anita and her husband, a council landscape gardener, are Catholics and have put all their faith in Lourdes.

“It will cost £800 each for Harvey and I to go but that is a fortune to us. That’s why we’re desperately trying to raise money,” said Anita, who has four other children.

“I believe strongly in the healing powers of Lourdes. There’s no reason a miracle can’t happen.”

Harvey was a normal lively youngster until two years ago when his parents noticed he was walking strangely and losing his balance.

At first doctors referred him to a foot specialist to be fitted with corrective shoes.

Harvey’s symptoms worsened but it took 18 months, several trips to hospital and three MRI scans before a Collid cyst was discovered deep in his brain.

Though non-cancerous, the 9mm cyst is on the third ventricle and in an unreachable position.

Said Anita: “If doctors operated now they could damage Harvey’s brain so badly that he would be severely disabled for the rest of his life.

“He’s what they call a ‘sit and wait case’. We have to wait until enough fluid builds up in his brain to enable them to reach the cyst.”

Every time Harvey has a raised temperature or is sick he must be rushed to hospital and checked, said Anita, who lives on Wolverton Mill.

Meanwhile the family encourage him to lead as normal life as possible with his friends at Queen Eleanor School in Galley Hill.

Anita has set up a Facebook page called Hope 4 Harvey to publicise her fundraising.

The next event is a family fun day, complete with stalls, entertainment and a guest appearance from Mickey Mouse, at the Bottom Club in Wolverton on June 14.