Council agree that broadband is essential

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A LOCAL Broadband Plan will be developed by the council to help everyone across Milton Keynes get a modern fast internet connection.

Councillor Lee Barney, of Walton Park ward, suggested forming the group after it was revealed Milton Keynes had the highest percentage (29.7) of people with slow broadband in mainland Britain.

He said: “Milton Keynes leads the way on many leading services such as grid road provision, however we are dragging our heels regarding broadband.

“Many of my residents are rightly asking why Milton Keynes are not leading the way with broadband.

“Many of my residents in Walton Park suffer from sub 1Mbps broadband – this is clearly unacceptable.”

Mr Barney also praised the work of local citizen’s alliance Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group (MKBAG) for their work in lobbying not only the council, but also major broadband suppliers to ensure that the whole of Milton Keynes is connected.

Adam Chapman, leader of MKBAG, said: “It’s not just a case of tackling the big firms to get the technology, but it is also a case of take-up.

“We need the council to bid for money from BDUK which is out there to help residents get better broadband connections.”