Council apologises over wrong bus timetables


CHANGES to Arriva’s new bus schedule left many passengers in Walton Park scratching their heads on Monday morning as they struggled to work out how to get to work.

Like a pothole in the road, the transition between the 8a ceasing and the 9 service beginning this week hit a bump when many bus-stops along the route featured incorrect times on the newly printed timetables.

The new 9 service is an hourly route replacing the 8a, running between Bletchley bus station and Kingston centre, taking in Browns Wood, Old Farm Park, Walnut Tree and Brinklow, missing out Wavendon Gate.

Signs were posted at some existing bus-stops saying that the new 8 and 9 buses would no longer be running along the route, while those still in service had the new listings put up.

But the timetables posted along the route, put up by the council rather than Arriva, didn’t indicate which direction the bus would be going, and in some cases, didn’t even say the 9 service existed.

Andrew Coleman, Passenger Transport Manager at Milton Keynes Council, said the problem came about when the timetables were wrongly put into the system initially.

He said: “It seems that the information for service 9 was entered into the database incorrectly and, as a result, it was not shown on the displays posted at stops. This is also the reason why notices were posted at some stops saying that the stop was no longer served.

“While it would not be possible to check every single time on every display, it should be possible to check a sample to ensure that all services are shown but unfortunately this part of the process did not pick up the fact that the 9 was missing.”

The wrong signs were re-printed on Monday and installed that night.

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