Council cabinet grows by one as Keith McLean takes his seat on the top table

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Councillor Keith McLean has become the newest member of Milton Keynes Council’s Cabinet.

Mr McLean currently serves the Sherington ward after he was elected last May and will become the portfolio holder for Corporate Services.

Leader of the council, Councillor Andrew Geary, said: “Keith is a very capable pair of hands who can help share the growing workload within the Cabinet.

“There is an increasing workload that the Cabinet has to deal with and increasingly they are being pulled in two different directions with full time jobs as well.

“He has got a lot to offer and he brings skills to the top table that will add to our team. When we discussed who we wanted to bring in, he was the obvious choice.”

Mr McLean’s portfolio will see him dealing with central services, asset strategy and management property, accommodation and facilities, performance improvement and value for money, community assets transfer and emergency planning.

Mr McLean said: “It is a great, great honour to be asked to be a member of the cabinet and I was very pleased when Andrew approached me about joining.

“Workloads of all councillors are increasing and there is a lot of meetings that people have to attend and prepare for.

“I have worked with the other members of the Cabinet in the past and if they jointly thought I should join the Cabinet then that is a great honour.

“I have a good understanding of how businesses are operating and I’ve always been pleased to help people and always been public spirited. I’m looking forward to the months ahead.”

Mr McLean joins Mr Geary along with councillors David Hopkins, Edith Bald, John Bint, Debbie Brock, Andy Dransfield and Peter Geary.